High Frequency DC Intra-Oral X-Ray System

OraDect DCX is high frequency DC output Intra Oral X-ray system compatible with Digital sensors and film based imaging. Unlike conventional AC s y s t ems DC machine gives stable X-ray output, reduces scatter and results in clear and sharp images.Overall X-ray dose to patient and doctor is reduced by 50% as compared to conventional AC machines.

Easy positioning with precision engineered smooth, stable, drift free arms. Convenient handle on tube head for perfect positioning.Digital control and automatic line voltage regulation ensures consistent clear x-ray images.

Ease of Use

Select Patient Type, Tooth anatomy and receptor type with a touch of key from fully functional remote or control panel.

OraDect DCX is backed by Evolve’s pan India sales and service network. Our skilled engineers are just a call away for your problems. Designed and Developed in India ensures no wait for spares and service.

  • Stable Drift Free Positioning
  • Effortless Smooth Operation
  • 0.4mm focal spot for Exceptional Image Quality
  • Compatible to Film and Digital Sensors
  • Graphical LCD with Keypad
  • Fully Functional IR Remote for easy control.
  • Auto duty cycle control for Continuous shots.
  • No need for Voltage Stabilizer

Designed to Match your Style
OraDect DCX (W) Space Saving Wall Mounted Scissor Arm
OraDect DCX (F)Mobile Floor Stand Scissor Arm

Download the brochure:

Oradect DCX


Generator High Frequency DC
Tube kV 70kV (DC)Max
Tube mA 8mA Max
Exposure Time 0.01s to 1.9s Settable
Focal Spot 0.4 mm IEC
Duty Cycle 1:60 Auto Control
Leakage Radiation < 10mR/hr (< 0.1mGy/hr)
Source to Skin Distance 200mm Minimum
Line Voltage 190V – 240V (Inbuilt Regulation)
Line Current 3A
X-Ray Field 60mm at 200 mm
Total Filtration 2mm Al equivalent
X-Ray Controls Wired hand held + IR Remote
Remote Control All Settings by remote control
Control Panel Graphical Display with Keypad with Anatomical Presets
Mounting Options Wall Mounted Scissor Arm [Max reach 1650mm + Extension]
Mobile Floor Stand Scissor Arm [Max reach 1650mm]


Smaller focal spot results in less divergent X-Ray beam thereby reducing edge blurriness resulting in Sharp , clear and more detailed images.

OraDect DCX and our OraDect Pro DDX 1500 IntraOral Sensor are carefully matched to each other for –

  • Unsurpassed Image resolution and Quality
  • Best value for your investment
  • Peace of mind by its single point support

Wall Mount

Oradect DCX Intraoral X-ray System

Floor Mount

Oradect DCX Intraoral X-ray System

OraDect DCX X-ray Source Premium

OraDect DCX X-ray Source Premium