April 2015

OraDect- An Advance Digital Intraoral Sensor

By |April 27th, 2015|

The OraDect incorporates state of the art structured Micro Columnar Fiber Optic Scintillators (FOS) coupled with Super CMOS image sensor for clear and consistent image quality. It uses three layer hybrid advanced CMOS technology with an on-chip triggering and global shuttering mechanism. An auto standby mode for power saving and economical operation is also a […]

Digital X-ray can be a great segue to implementing technology into your office

By |April 20th, 2015|

In dental examination, x-rays play an important role. Use of x-rays by dentists is done to assess your dental health, and to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. Diagnosing of tooth decay (cavities), periodontal disease, loss or change in your bone density, and abscesses or infections is done by digital x-rays. Advancements in […]

Increase Treatment Acceptance through OraDect

By |April 13th, 2015|

Case presentation is the cornerstone of a current, technologically up-to-date practice. A practitioner becomes successful when he/ she can easily communicate with their patients. Thorough examination, careful diagnosis, and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan are the predecessors of presentation, making use of modern technology. Patients must take away from a consultation visit a […]

Dental: Digital Radiography

By |April 7th, 2015|

Dental technology has improved the crafting way of dentists practice. We should be thankful to science because modern techniques allow patients to receive dental treatment without pain and less time which is not possible with old fashioned dentistry. Dental technology is under development to make dental x-rays safer and more convenient.

Some dental patients may still […]


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